Journey of Chinese Folk Songs

Yuel Yawney and Libby Yu

Journey of Chinese Folk Songs is an inspired invitation to celebrate the Chinese New Year. First is Joy of Spring, an energetic piece by Mao Yuan, radiating jubilation for a new year. Following this is a melancholy, heartfelt piece, A Song of Homesickness written by Ma Sicong portraying the sadness of missing one’s home and dear ones. Concluding the program is The Fisherman’s Harvest by Li Zili, a piece that exudes the happy feelings of bringing home a catch to feed one’s family and community.

June 10th, 2023

The VSO and VSO School of Music are excited for the return of Day of Music to Downtown Vancouver with FREE performances by musicians from across the Lower Mainland and beyond. Enjoy performances and activities by the VSO and others as we come together and celebrate the joy and fun of music.