Join Silk Road Music on a beautifully vivid journey through the many facets of traditional Chinese music and dance. This Roots and Shoots Music Education Program is produced as a resource for Vancouver area schools, and is supported by the Government of Canada, the Chan Endowment Fund at UBC, the Vancouver School Board, and the Chan Family Foundation.

Happiness! 喜洋洋 | Traditional
Three and Six 三六 | Traditional
Xin Jiang Dance 新疆舞 | Traditional
Dawuer’s Spring 达乌尔春天 | Arranged by Fu Tang
Horse Race 賽馬 | Haihuai Huang
Feng Yang Flower Drum Song 鳳陽花鼓 | Traditional

Featuring VSO School of Music faculty:
Qiu Xia He 何秋霞 on pipa 琵琶 and vocals
Zhi Ming Yu 于志敏 on ruan 阮
Yun Song 宋芸 on erhu 二胡
Zhong Xi Wu 吴忠喜 on suona 唢呐 and sheng 笙
and Special guest Andre Thibault on guitar, lute and percussion.

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